Sixth Conference of the European Association of Taiwan Studies

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The European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) will hold its sixth annual conference on 16-18 April 2009. The conference is co-organized by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and Center of East Asian Studies, Autonoma University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

The organizers particularly welcome abstracts on the following themes:

  1. “Taiwanese Democracy: A Model for Mainland China and Hong Kong?” in the field of Domestic Politics and Democracy  
  2. “Social Realism” in the field of Literature 
  3. “1949-2009: 60 years of the ROC” in the field of History and Social Sciences  
  4. “A New Start? ” in Cross Strait Relations
  5. “Historical Linguistics” in the field of Language 
  6. “The impact of changes of ruling parties on Taiwan: Divided versus Unified Government”
  7. “The Role of the Media in Taiwan’s politics and society”

We particularly invite submissions on these themes for the consideration of an interdisciplinary panel.

asters and 1st year Ph.D. students enrolled in a Taiwan Studies Programme at a European university are especially encouraged to apply to present their research in the EATS MA panel.

In addition, we will consider outstanding submissions in the following disciplinary areas:

  1. Economics and Business
  2. Anthropology and Religion
  3. Politics, Law and International Relations
  4. History and Geography
  5. Cultural and Area Studies