China strongly opposes U.S. Senate?s Tibet resolution

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China on Monday expressed indignation over and opposition to a resolution on Tibet adopted by the U.S. Senate.

The resolution, proposed by a few senators in disregard of China’s strong protests, “persistently favored the Dalai clique and interfered with China’s internal affairs,” said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu in a statement.

“China is strongly indignant and resolutely opposed to the resolution,” she said.

Jiang urged U.S. Senators to see clearly the Dalai Lama’s true nature, which she said was to engage in secessionist activities under the guise of religion.

The Dalai group is talking of dialog and peace, but confrontation and violence is what they do, she said.

“We demand those few Senators to respect facts, abandon prejudice and immediately stop wrongful remarks and deeds that hurt the Chinese people’s feeling and harm China-U.S. relations,” said Jiang.