Opportunities and challenges of e-Governance: A reality or science fiction for the Chinese Government?

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Business and civil society have rapidly adopted information and communication technologies (ICTs) into their lives. Information technologies have become part of China’s economic development through a rapid and evolving market for the Internet and E-Businesses. However, central and local management work still relies primarily on traditional communication forms. The purpose of this paper focuses on Chinese trends in e-Governance. A conceptual framework is first set out defining concepts. Conceptualizing e-Governance in the People’s Republic of China in such a way that raises a number of questions. E-Governance comes with new opportunities, but it also entails many challenges. This paper explores the opportunities of ICTs, particularly improvement of public services, access to information, policy development framework, and citizens’ engagement. It also looks at three main challenges: data, societal and political. The paper then presents some concluding remarks.