China–Latin America Relations in the 21st Century Raúl Bernal-Meza • Li Xing (Editors)

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Reproducimos el índice de esta interesante obra incluida en: International Political Economy Series, de la que es editor,
Timothy M. Shaw, University of Massachusetts Boston
Boston, USA.


1 Introduction: Understanding China–Latin America
Relations as Part of the Transition of the World Order 1
Raúl Bernal-Meza

2 Advancing Autonomy? Chinese Influence on Regional
Governance in Latin America
Thomas Legler, Mariano Turzi, and Eduardo Tzili-Apango

3 One Step Closer: The Politics and the Economics of
China’s Strategy in Brazil and the Case of the Electric
Power Sector
Danielly Ramos Becard, Antônio Carlos Lessa, and Laura
Urrejola Silveira

4 Cooperative Relations with China in Brazil’s
International Politics: Scope and Interests of the Global
Strategic Partnership
Lincoln Bizzozero Revelez and Andrés Raggio

5 A Goat’s Cycle: The Relations Between Argentina and the
People’s Republic of China During the Kirchner and
Macri Administrations (2003–2018)
Raúl Bernal-Meza and Juan Manuel Zanabria

6 China–Venezuela Relations in a Context of Change
José Briceño-Ruiz and Norbert Molina Medina

7 Chile and China, 2000–2016: The Humming Bird and
the Panda
César Ross

8 China and Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay: Similarities
and Differences
Eduardo Daniel Oviedo

9 Revisiting Chinese and Latin American Economic
Development: An Unintended Consequence of Different
Industrialization Strategies
Li Xing

10 Conclusion: China and Latin America in the Global
Political Economy: The Development of a New Core Periphery Axis
Raúl Bernal-Meza


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