China´s rise as a global decision-maker. Spanish adaptation and strategies on bilateral cultural cooperation

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China´s development as a global leader in the international field has been increasingly evident in the recent state of foreign affairs. Beijing´s emphasis on cultural diplomacy and education has aimed at achieving a more positive national image abroad.  Education, being directly controlled by the government, represents a powerful tool to shape public opinions according to the interests of a given government. Education curricula in Spain show a negligence of China in its foreign projection. This lack of interest from the side of the Spanish government, reflected in the contents of compulsory school curricula, results in a general absence of knowledge about China among Spanish citizens. Consequently, Spanish current and future generations take the risk of not being able to adapt to forthcoming global circumstances, in which China will likely assume a crucial role. A long term investment on further cultural cooperation is encouraged, in order to foster deeper bilateral knowledge, and enabling Spanish and Chinese coming decision-makers to build stronger and more successful relations between both countries in the future.