The Development of the Relations between Mainland China and Taiwan during Hu Jintao?s Term of Office: From the Anti-Secession Law to the Enforcement of the ECFA

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During Hu Jintao's term of office important changes have occurred in the cross-Strait relations. Although he endorsed the Anti-secession Law, his policies have been based on promoting mutual economic interdependence, with the establishment of the ECFA as its . The ‘third cooperation’ between the KMT and the CPC since 2005 and the election of Ma Ying-jeou as the President of Taiwan in 2008 -re-elected in 2012- have been key events for the rapprochement between the two parties. Nevertheless, reservations and fears subsist within the Taiwanese society regarding this rapprochement that might lead to the unification at the expense of its democratic political identity. Maintaining the status quo stands as common denominator for the two parts at stake and the international community. Any change to this situation involves risks if consensus is ignored.