Cooperation between China and Latin America within the Extended OBOR Initiative: a Case Study on Railway Infrastructure Jorge E. Malena, School of Oriental Studies, Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

In Estudios, Otros, Política exterior, Simposio Electrónico Internacional by Xulio Ríos

In Latin America, infrastructure construction needs to be upgraded so, connectivity is one of the 5 Sectorial Axes for the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. The Sino-Latin American general cooperation and the strategic spirit of the building of “the Belt and Road” enjoy the same foundation, and the former is the likely extension of the latter. In particular, the construction in infrastructure has grown into a shared consensus, but Latin American authorities should bear in mind the financial dimension of this undertaking: works should abide by the same rules of the game that Beijing imposes on companies that invest in its territory, that is to say associating with foreign companies with local ones.

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